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Creating safe and healthy environments

In this webinar we look at the technologies available to organisations to safeguard against COVID-19 and prevent a second spike


IndigoKiosk AI

About the Webinar 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis. Beyond the terrible loss of life, businesses are facing unprecedented disruption to commercial activity. Shops have been shut across the world and stories of losses and livelihoods at risk have become all too common. Mitigating the spread of COVID-19, and giving people the confidence to resume regular activities, is now essential for getting society back on track.

IndigoVision has created an ecosystem of technology solutions to help organisations re-open for business and effectively combat COVID-19. We will be exploring this suite of technologies and how they can be combined for even greater impact. As part of this webinar we will also introduce IndigoKiosk AI, the latest addition to our ecosystem, which combines people counting and Artificial Intelligence to ensure social distancing and use of PPE.


What you’ll learn

On this webinar you will hear from our experts how IndigoVision is creating safe and healthy environments.

  • Learn about IndigoKiosk AI which uses Artificial Intelligence and mask detection to ensure social distancing and healthy environments.
  • Find out about thermal camera temperature screening and how our solution is delivering peace of mind to employees, customers and visitors.
  • Discover how Agora, our Command & Control software, can be seamlessly added to COVID-19 technologies to guide operators and ensure consistent responses that minimise human error.
  • Have the opportunity to discuss COVID-19 technologies with our experts.

Key benefits of IndigoKiosk AI


Creating public confidence by delivering safe and healthy environments




Social distancing

Artificial Intelligence and people counting track entrances and exists to limit venue numbers.


Ensuring use of face masks

Visitors are monitored for face masks and their use advised before entering.


All in one package

IndigoKiosks AI brings all the essential components together in one cost effective solution.

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Bernardo Motta
Business Development, Agora
Bernardo is an Electrical Engineer and co-founder of AgoraSys, an IndigoVision company. For several years he coordinated R&D projects in the areas of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. He currently heads Agora International Business Development at AgoraSys, an IndigoVision company.

Ratish Kumar

Ratish Kumar Mani
Lead Product Manager, Cameras
Ratish has over 17 years expertise in Telecoms, CCTV Security and Surveillance Industry. Prior to his role in Product Management and Engineering in IndigoVision he worked with Nokia for 7 years in their smartphone mobile division.


A Q & A will be available as part of this session to answer any queries you might have about the solutions and their applications.