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IndigoVision CPD Training Webinar

Enhance protection and reduce the threat from cyber attacks

Join us for our Surveillance Network Integrity webinar

About the CPD Training

Global cybercrime damages are predicted to cost up to $10.5 trillion in 2025 according to Forbes, and no organization, big or small, is immune from a devastating cyber attack. If hackers get access to just one IP device, they can ultimately control an organization’s entire IT network.

This growing threat saw Q3 2020 witness a 50% increase in DDos attacks compared to the same period in 2019. These malicious cyber attacks overwhelm networks with internet traffic and can be difficult for organizations to manage without the right defence and understanding of how cyber attacks are perpetrated.

How can cyber vulnerabilities be eliminated from an IP video security system? This new CPD accredited cyber security training webinar from IndigoVision tackles the cyber threat head-on and explains how to mitigate the risks and identify and act against breaches.

What You’ll Learn: Cyber Security Essentials

Get a complete overview of the IP network integrity and security required to meet today’s demands and threats. This CPD training will explain the importance of cyber security and highlight what security teams need to look for when selecting their cameras, Video Management Software (VMS) and network design:

  • Learn which hardware, software and network specific requirements are needed to build surveillance network integrity.
  • Identify and combat cyber security threats, from external attempts to break through the firewall to internal employees acting maliciously.
  • Explore the options available to build the most secure network, using centralized or distributed network architecture.
  • Ensure you meet the mandatory guidance for the deployment of IP security components, including network, workstations and cameras.
  • Get a clear understanding of which stakeholders are responsible for network security and be able to educate them on their responsibilities.


The live session of this webinar has now taken place. Please email to request a recording of the CPD Training

About The Presenters




Suzanne Waugh
Regional Sales Manager
Suzanne is a long-established Regional Sales Manager for IndigoVision and experienced technical trainer, with 15 years’ experience developing and delivering technical learning material. Suzanne combines her technical sales background with her learning & teaching experience to ensure End Users, System Integrators and Consultants across the UK improve their CCTV product and design knowledge to get the most out of their system; meeting and exceeding Operational Objectives to ensure a timely response.


Adam Smith
Technical Sales Engineer
Adam is a highly esteemed Sales Engineer for IndigoVision, who provides technical advice to the UK Sales Team, as well as direct support to End Users and System Integrators.  Adam’s broad range of knowledge is supplemented by being a long-term installer, user and trainer of IndigoVision’s world class software and hardware. Having previously worked as an IndigoVision system integrator, Adam’s experience draws from both perspectives, ultimately providing End Users with the best possible security solution and support experience.