Is your casino ready for a security surveillance update?

A guide to help you identify whether your current solution is best serving guests and workers in your casino.

What’s in the guide?

Are your current security systems fit-for-purpose? Compiled with insights from IndigoVision expert Jeff Swanson, Senior Sales Director for the Western USA and the Casino Vertical for North America, this guide explores the features that security operators in casinos could be benefitting from.

Casino Security eBook

Tips this guide will offer include:

  • Identifying what your obligations are to guests and workers, according to your state or country’s requirements.
  • Detecting suspicious activity at speed, to prevent delays in capturing and prosecuting offenders.
  • Keeping the handling and storing of money secure across your casino.
  • Identifying the quality of footage which is required by law enforcement in the event of an incident.
  • Exporting footage quickly to either store it, or pass on to relevant authorities.
Casino Security eBook

Does your security surveillance system meet the needs of your casino environment?

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