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Optimize your surveillance system with Control Center,  our VMS that delivers a

 fully integrated solution for managing video, access control and alarms.

About your Demo:

Arrange a 1-to-1 demonstration of Control Center, IndigoVision’s video management system, and discover its range of powerful features that let you manage videos, access control and alarms as well as have oversight of all your cameras, whether that’s 1 or 10,000.

During your demo, you’ll get to speak to an IndigoVision expert who will take you through how each of the Control Center features can help you to meet your security and operational requirements. Your expert will discuss your specific system needs with you and show you exactly how Control Center can be tailored to your needs through live demonstrations.


What you will learn during your Demo


A blue icon with a screen and play symbol to show IndigoVision's Control Center intuitive retail security system.

   Customize your Control Center

Take advantage of smart tabs and customizable layouts to provide you with an unparalleled user experience. 


   Advanced technical setup

Learn how to build a suite database, add cameras and set up recording jobs, analytics, alarms and fault detectors, so you can monitor your system in real time. 


   Master live operations

You’ll see how to manipulate live video, access saved camera views and configure PTZ controls, set up alarms and get the most from working with maps.


   Investigate and review

Explore video controls and how to speed up investigations with timeline previews and calendar, plus a live demonstration of analytics features such as motion search.


About Our Experts

Your demo will be presented by a member of our experienced Technical Team, who all have many years of expertise in supporting the delivery of end-to-end surveillance systems for a wide variety of clients, from governments and casinos to transit and airports.


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What people say about IndigoVision

IndigoVision’s Control Center was so powerful and quick, easily plugging into our existing architecture.



Martin Sutcliffe Airport Control Center Manager

IndigoVision’s solution provides 100% reliability, perfect audio sync and SMART.core saves on storage costs when tables aren’t open.

M Luc Richard Managing Director of Cercle Clichy Montmartre

IndigoVision provide us with the ability to deliver excellent video quality, with minimum bandwidth.
Naskam Security Services

Chad Wright General Manager