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IndigoVision CPD Training Webinar

Making the Leap: Analog to IP CCTV Migration

Enhance your security system with greater scope, flexibility and resilience

About the CPD Training

Security technology is developing rapidly with many Analog CCTV components becoming end of life and harder to source, making systems more expensive and difficult to maintain. Upgrading to an IP system with efficient modern equipment provides you with: more robust evidence for legal proceedings, the ability to integrate multiple systems such as analytics, automation of functions to improve efficiency and reduce labour costs, as well as cost savings for system operations.

IndigoVision experts have created this short online CPD training to help you consider the options available when modernising your CCTV system. We’ll help you navigate and understand the changes required to upgrade from an Analog to IP system, to ensure that you achieve Return on Investment and meet and exceed your operational requirements.

What you’ll learn

Get a complete overview of the differences and major considerations needed when migrating from an Analog to IP CCTV system.

  • Understand the operational benefits of improving the current system: enhanced image quality in an IP system can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful prosecution, compensation claim, or identification.
  • Learn about the different upgrade options to design a system that suits your needs: hybrid Analog/IP systems can make use of existing Analog cameras to reduce your initial investment.
  • Explore the enhanced capabilities of IP cameras to increase the efficiency of security operators: incorporating intelligent analytics into your system, such as motion search, tripwire and face detection, can reduce operators’ manual search time.
  • Find out how cost and space savings in an IP system can help you achieve your Return on Investment.
  • Ensure your IP system is successful over the long-term, by putting security and maintenance efforts at the heart of your planning, installation and operation.


The live session of this webinar has now taken place. Please email to request a recording of the CPD Training

About The Presenter





Suzanne Waugh

Regional Sales Manager

Suzanne is a long-established Regional Sales Manager for IndigoVision and experienced technical trainer, with 15 years’ experience developing and delivering technical learning material. Suzanne combines her technical sales background with her learning & teaching experience to ensure End Users, System Integrators and Consultants across the UK improve their CCTV product and design knowledge to get the most out of their system; meeting and exceeding Operational Objectives to ensure a timely response.