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IndigoVision CPD Training Webinar

Video Management Systems: Adding Value with Integrations

Using integrations to speed up your security investigations and response times

About the CPD Training

Integrating third party functionality and alerts into a single user interface enables users to efficiently access a greater range of security capabilities. Implementing such a system requires planning but delivers a host of benefits, including the augmentation of security surveillance provision and the enhancement of business processes.

Integrations allow security teams to more quickly identify threats, intrusions and faults, helping to avoid serious incidents. Third party systems, such as intrusion detection, access control and fire alarms, can be integrated into your Video Management Software (VMS) to increase system intelligence and make security investigations more efficient.

IndigoVision Experts have created this short online Accredited CPD Training to help you consider the options available when adding integrations to your system: assess your operational requirements before you start, understand the architecture required to build a robust system and ensure your integrations are future-proofed to scale with long-term developments.

What you’ll learn

Get a comprehensive overview of the challenges and considerations involved in designing a Video Management Solution capable of integrating with multiple third party systems:

  • Analyze the operational requirements and outcomes desired to achieve your operational objectives: how can you make operators’ lives easier and which tasks are taking up too much time and resources?
  • Explore the different options available so you can build system architecture which will ensure that your integrations are always fully operational. Ensure your system is built so that your security team never misses an incident due to technical faults.
  • Learn how you can integrate beyond your original scope: for example by integrating your CCTV with other IT systems, or incorporating fault monitoring through the use of open standards.
  • Find out how you can present information from third party systems clearly for operators in your VMS, to enable them to take direct and decisive action to eliminate threats and faults.
  • Ensure your VMS integrations are successful and sustainable over the long term, keeping future integrations manageable for operators, in terms of increased alarms, events and data.


The live session of this webinar has now taken place. Please email to request a recording of the CPD Training

About The Presenter





Suzanne Waugh

Regional Sales Manager

Suzanne is a long-established Regional Sales Manager for IndigoVision and experienced technical trainer, with 15 years’ experience developing and delivering technical learning material. Suzanne combines her technical sales background with her learning & teaching experience to ensure End Users, System Integrators and Consultants across the UK improve their CCTV product and design knowledge to get the most out of their system; meeting and exceeding Operational Objectives to ensure a timely response.