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Learn how our solution ecosystem is helping organisations to create safe and healthy environments by safeguarding against COVID-19.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis. Beyond the terrible loss of life, businesses are facing unprecedented disruption to commercial activity. Shops have been shut across the world and stories of losses and livelihoods at risk have become all too common. Mitigating the spread of COVID-19, and giving people the confidence to resume regular activities, is now essential for getting society back on track.

IndigoVision has created an ecosystem of technology solutions to help organisations re-open for business and effectively combat COVID-19. We will be exploring this suite of technologies and how they can be combined for even greater impact.


What you will learn during your Demo



   Social distancing

Learn about IndigoKiosk AI which uses Artificial Intelligence and mask detection to ensure social distancing and healthy environments.


   Effective temperature screening

Find out about thermal camera temperature screening and how our solution is delivering peace of mind to employees, customers and visitors.


   Ensure consistent responses

Analyse and export vital statistics such as number of measurements by location and the split between those with a high temperature and those at a normal level.


   Control Center alerts

Our thermal screening solution can be easily configured with Control Center, our video management software, to produce alerts for high temperatures. We’ll show you how.

Your demonstration is also a great opportunity to discuss COVID-19 technologies with our experts and talk about the challenges you are facing.

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